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22nd - 24th November 2023

The Sh​effield TLH Masterclass

Welcome to the Three-Day Masterclass in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

This course is specifically designed for senior trainees and qualified gynaecologists aiming to enhance their skills in laparoscopic surgery, with a focus on TLH techniques and procedures. During 2 days of hands-on learning, benefit from the invaluable opportunity to learn from five skilled surgeons with years of experience performing laparoscopic surgery


Our  surgeons will showcase variations of the technique, providing tips and tricks for surgeries involving obese women, fibroids, and previous abdominal procedures.

"The opportunity for hands-on experience with five skilled surgeons is invaluable." - 2016 Delegate

Additionally, our experienced surgeons will demonstrate various variations of the technique, along with helpful tips and tricks, specifically addressing surgery in obese women and those with fibroids and previous abdominal surgeries.

There will be a half day suturing workshop as well as informative and engaging talks on TLH techniques, a comparison of laparoscopic vs. open hysterectomy, electro surgery, TLH in District General Hospitals, and TLH in the morbidly obese woman.

"Hands-on experience with a variety of skilled surgeons, without time pressure." - 2016 Delegate

By the conclusion of this course, delegates will have acquired the necessary skills to confidently and independently perform Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy.

Join us for this comprehensive and immersive course, and take your laparoscopic surgery skills to the next level.

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